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I have advice for writers who become one of the millions who have a book on Amazon that doesn’t sell well. Yes, there are loads of us. We all publish a year’s work and then sit back and cry our eyes out because no one loves us or our book. We ignore the clear message of advice for writers in that “no one loves us” phrase. Of course, they don’t, and they won’t buy your book either. They will buy a John Gresham or James Patterson book, though. Why?

Anyone who has advice for writers covers why, but we ignore it for some reason. Perhaps the message is hidden among a list of does and don’ts and forgotten as we learn we should be bashing away on social media. That’s interesting and as far as we are concerned, the way to sell our book. Soon we find no one wants the damn book even though it has been professionally edited and the cover designed by a great artist. They are not going to sell the book – you are!

After 31 years of trying to get traditionally published, I decided to stop writing novels and write short stories. I subscribed to a course on advice for writers presented by David Babouline, MD of DreamEngine UK. The course consists of many tutorials. I eventually had a chat with David, and one of the first things he told me and repeated several times was – “We do not sell books; we sell you.”

I was offered a contract for my trilogy of thrillers. For the last two months, apart from my work going through an editing polish, the rest has been spent on a busy schedule transforming me from an impoverished writer to an interesting celebrity with whom readers will want to connect. When they do, that’s when they buy the book. Maybe not hundreds, but I will get an audience that will build as the trilogy gets published.

Advice for writers is simple. Marketing is eighty per cent of selling your book. Get into reading into it or take a tutorial course as I did. Make friends in the industry; writers, writing groups, Goodreads, Ask David. Anywhere you can advertise your book – NO! – YOURSELF! Of course, you have the cover and a few words to whet the appetite but let the reader know about you. ‘I have been writing for twenty years. I have a website (link); go look and follow me on social media.’

If you can write eighty per cent of the time you spend on social media about yourself, you are some way toward going up the ladder to success.

Advice for writers who think they know it all – get a T-shirt with your name and the title of your book printed on it and walk the walk. Good Luck!

Time to reflect and tell readers about myself – Ray C. Doyle

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