Covid + Stupidity = Greedy Profit

The Covid situation has brought out the worst in politics and as usual, the public suffers because of stupidity within the corridors of Westminster. For years there have been warnings from two US presidents. They told us that we should organise a health preparedness system that can be put into operation as soon as a pandemic flares up. As usual, the cost is a major factor and so no health preparedness system had been done by the time Covid started.


As scientists struggled to find a serum, stupidity reigned supreme in parliament. One of the first disagreements between the parties in the house was not about a cure (which they had taken care of after arguing about the cost). Of all things, they spent a lot of time arguing over wearing a mask. Everyone had an opinion and the public argued too because the government gave no clear decision for a while.

The pandemic is a market product. Certain businesses made a fortune and still are. Masks, self-test kits, then PCR tests that cost $20 with $15 to the government and $5 to the ‘shop.’ The test costs a whopping $2 – inflated profits or what. It’s a growth business and a great way to charge a new kind of tax. I’d like to know where that $15 the government are making goes.

Masks Market.

One of the guys I know got his wife to make a few masks and sell them through FaceBook etc. He had so many people write in and mouth him off that he gave up. A month later the masks were everywhere sold by a big company in London. Funny thing – the Indian community in the Midlands as well as a lot of other markets were making their own and selling them on the stalls.


There’s nothing like a big tragic pandemic that brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in the black marketeers. It’s not so much their fault as those who want to rule from Westminster. Greed is a human temptation that all of us suffer once or twice in our lives and can be forgiven. Stupidity, however, cannot. In Westminster stupidity breeds like rabbits. We ought to recognise this is where our problems begin and get worse. All governments are the same. Their greatest claim to fame is the art of using statistics to hoodwink us.


Covid will be around for a while and I reckon so will be the kind of regulations that require industries to carry on making masks and all the other paraphernalia that is supposed to keep us safe. Millions of pounds and dollars are being snatched out of our pockets. Statistics predict….. I don’t care what they predict. I would love Westminster to stop using Covid as a money-spinner – but I won’t hold my breath.

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